Friday, July 29, 2016

Intro for a new chapter

It is been a long time since my last update. Being a student is really a clumsy life because for a whole day you have to attend a class that is full of assignment, test, group discussion and so on. Looks like I should realize all these things would happen since my first day I step my foot here. But whatever it is, I still feel grateful for whatever happen to my life now because we simply didn't know how much people out there dreaming of sitting in our place now. I keep remind myself that whatever happen to me, whether it is good or not it must be a reason hidden behind all these things. 

So even I am not really in agriculture since my secondary school but this is my fate. Maybe I should be more focusing on something that Allah want to show me with this path. Maybe my path will be more interesting that all my friend's path. Mostly all my friend would have their degree soon because they have a shortcut but for me, I am really into this diploma because I am not good in life so I must learn every step to be successful women. Good things take time so be patient is the key. 

May I have a strength to still updating my blog later. lots of love